Sabtu, 22 September 2012

Gary going to leave RM ?

Ditengah malam yang sunyi ini,haku rajin dan tekun duk menghupdate and menelaah belog yang tak seberapa hot ini and followers berapa ketul lhaa sangat..
Heh, actually i got bad news from twitter acc yang mengatakan Gally going leave RM..Because he wanna concentrate on his Leessang company and concert as well.

Hip hop duo Leessang,who completely killed the digital charts last year, has announced that they’ll be returning with their eighth studio album this month!
Ahead of their album’s release on May 25th, the duo will be pre-releasing one of the tracks on the 18th. Although the members have been busy with individual schedules and variety programs, they’ve been diligently working on their return.
Last year, their “Turned Off the TV”was a hit everywhere on the charts, leaving fans anticipating their upcoming album all that much more.
Considering that member Gil‘s fellow ‘Voice Korea’ coach,Baek Ji Young, will be making her own comeback the day before Leessang’s pre-release, it seems the charts will be a playground only for the strongest this month!-MCtumblr
Here are the prove :')
Sedih lah, lepas sorangsorang duk tinggalkan RM,dulu SongJoongKi,Lizzy and now oppa gary pulak.
Hopefully it's just a RUMORS and Gary will change his minds too..

The anothers unexpected news
-KJK Global
And ramai jugak yang leave comment dorang feel frust sngat kalo garry tinggalkn RM.And takmustahil rm viewers maybe decrease kan ?

Running man one of my favvy shows and i fanatic gilo tak kak senah :P
The shows are really sempoi and very creative dengan mission bagai ^^
Great job SBS..

Romantic Monday Couple 
I really miss this sweet momento between Gally  Jihyo 
Alangkah bahagia,kalo dorang nih couple and nikah betolbetol,muwehehe

Tangan ke bahu,mata ke atas.
Ko hado kak jemah? Tak do kan?
The 'sempoi'ness of gally :P
Hopefully,everyday's my peaceful day ;D

Duplicate of hyung Gally B)

Siblings of RM :D This pic taken while SBS Entertainment Awards
Source:Encik Google yang kacak :P
Tanjat boboi hah :O ?!

Pls gally don't leave RM :"(
I beg...(Macamlahgarybacablogkau)Kuikui

Peaceful of Gallygally (-..-)

Peaceful Gary
There’s something about Gary’s  morbid personality that really cracks me up. he i just love how he genuinely doesn’t
 give a shit about 99% of the things that are happening during the show. And obviously, the photo zone shots.

Alololo,tiannye ngantok..
Mak rase nak tampo anje-anje je gally ni hah..

Psssttt...For me,no one can replace   KANG GARY  !!
paham mak jemah sekalian !
He's ONLY the ONE yang ada peaceful reaction in ALL situation ;)
and hope sangatsangat yang Gally will cancel his intention .

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