Rabu, 26 September 2012

Contest - What's Beautiful To You

Assalamualaikum  :D
Hai readers ?! Selamat pagi and have a nice day :P Korang nak hadiah tak ? Klau nak jom join What's ''Beautiful'' To You ! Contest nih senang ajo nak menang ha , just upload gambar yang korang suka and jelaskan Kecantikan / Beautiful tentang gambar tu ha :)

The weekly prizes ! An ENCHANTEUR BEAUTIFUL Hamper worth RM100 which will include the full

BEAUTIFUL range together with an exclusive ENCHANTEUR Hand Mirror and

ENCHANTEUR Charm Bracelet! :)
The Charming Bracelet :)


Grab this toooo ^..^

** Every 10th submission  jugak will receive250ml ENCHANTEUR Beautiful 

MoistureSilk Perfumed Body Lotion tau :)

Image from Google Courtesy 

From now till 30th September 2012, caption and submit a BEAUTIFUL picture that best encapsulates your definition of beauty on our timeline. It could be a picture of a breathtaking sunrise. Or a pretty bouquet of flowers. A loving old couple strolling in the park. The night sky. Someone you love. See? The possibilities are endless – so go wild and be creative. Especially since we’ve got some fabulous prizes for the best entries!

  1. “Like”
  2. Submit a picture that best reflects BEAUTIFUL in your opinion (by posting it directly to Enchanteur's Timeline
  3. Add a caption on why you think your picture reflects BEAUTIFUL
  4. Share out your post to all your friends!

Our panel of judges will select a winner each week based on the beauty and creativity of your picture and caption. Our judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained - Source  FB Enchanteur My :P

P/s:  I already sent the submission :) Pada yang blom , Masih ada lagi 5 hari untuk korang send submission tau! And korang jugak berpeluang untuk MENANG


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