Sabtu, 29 September 2012

Tips : Penjagaan Lens yang betul

Assalamualaikum korang ! Haip  rini i nak share bout the right way to wear lens :) 
Dan gua pasti ramai antara korang yang pakai lens biar secara hakikatnya korang tak rabun! Heee .. Pemakaian lens kini menjadi trends dlm kalangan remaja sebab nak nampak cute? and terpengaruhkan ngan artis korea ? sebab diorang nampak cute and meletops bila pakai lens kan?? Macam barbie doll pun hado..

Disebabkan mata merupakan pencaindera and aset yang ofcos lah yang terpenting dan sensetip , Maka nadd nak share few tips cara penjagaan lens and moga ia bermanfaat pada korang sume yee ;p

  • Buat pemeriksaan berkala dengan pakar optometri untuk mata dan supaya dapat mengenalpasti lens yang sesuai untuk mata korang .
  • Bersihkan and basmi kuman pada kanta sentuh setiap hari seperti yang disarankan dan pastikan sentiasa dijaga dengan baik.Elakkan, daripada diletakkan dibawah cahaya dan suhu yg tinggi ye .
  • Jgn sesekali korang pakai lens yang rosak @ yg telah berubah warna asal tau.Kang tak pasal2 mata korang pulak yang buta.
  • Basuh tangan cucicuci tau,sabun banyakbanyak..Then bilas sebersih mungkin before sentuh lens !
  • Makesure kuku korang pendek tau before wearing lens,ye lah takut lens ti rosak bila korang pakai.
  • Sila Gunakan pembersih kanta sentuh yang disarankan dan jgn guna air paip pulak untuk cuci.
  • Sebelom makeup and selepas makeup pleaselah korang, tanggalkan dulu lens.
  • Tutop mata rapatrapat ha sebelom korang menggunakan sebarang semburan.Tak kisah lah shieldtox atau ridsect pun .. haaaa ..Kahkah
  • Simpan kanta sentuh ke dalam bekas yang sesuai.
  • Semasa korang simpan lens ke dalam bekas pastikan lens tu berada kedudukan di tengah-tengah sebelom korang tutup bekas tuu ...

  • Elakkan membeli kanta sentuh yang murah harganya tanpa diketahui tahap kualitinya kerana mata adalah aset paling berharga dan sensitip.Awas ,jgn beli kat nightmarket dan setarap dengannya..Sila beli di kedai optometris yang diiktiraf KKM ,bia mahal asal mato kita terjamin tau !
  • Kalo mata korang mengalami simptom merah atau gatal lepas pakai lens , silolah jumpa doctor dengan segeraaaaa ... 

Oklah stakat ini ajo perkongsian tips for today !
Harap ia memberi manfaat pada korang sume :D
Wait for next entry yaaa dear :)


Rabu, 26 September 2012

Contest - What's Beautiful To You

Assalamualaikum  :D
Hai readers ?! Selamat pagi and have a nice day :P Korang nak hadiah tak ? Klau nak jom join What's ''Beautiful'' To You ! Contest nih senang ajo nak menang ha , just upload gambar yang korang suka and jelaskan Kecantikan / Beautiful tentang gambar tu ha :)

The weekly prizes ! An ENCHANTEUR BEAUTIFUL Hamper worth RM100 which will include the full

BEAUTIFUL range together with an exclusive ENCHANTEUR Hand Mirror and

ENCHANTEUR Charm Bracelet! :)
The Charming Bracelet :)


Grab this toooo ^..^

** Every 10th submission  jugak will receive250ml ENCHANTEUR Beautiful 

MoistureSilk Perfumed Body Lotion tau :)

Image from Google Courtesy 

From now till 30th September 2012, caption and submit a BEAUTIFUL picture that best encapsulates your definition of beauty on our timeline. It could be a picture of a breathtaking sunrise. Or a pretty bouquet of flowers. A loving old couple strolling in the park. The night sky. Someone you love. See? The possibilities are endless – so go wild and be creative. Especially since we’ve got some fabulous prizes for the best entries!

  1. “Like”
  2. Submit a picture that best reflects BEAUTIFUL in your opinion (by posting it directly to Enchanteur's Timeline
  3. Add a caption on why you think your picture reflects BEAUTIFUL
  4. Share out your post to all your friends!

Our panel of judges will select a winner each week based on the beauty and creativity of your picture and caption. Our judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained - Source  FB Enchanteur My :P

P/s:  I already sent the submission :) Pada yang blom , Masih ada lagi 5 hari untuk korang send submission tau! And korang jugak berpeluang untuk MENANG


Isnin, 24 September 2012

Tips : Cam-whoring for DP

1. Keep your profile picture simple
Turn your camera 90 degrees to take vertical shot.This way, you'll elimanate all the empty space in the background and don't have to do cropping later.

2.Lighting is Important
Take your pic in abrightly lit area or under natural sunlight.Avoid dim yellow lights as the photo will either end up too dark or if you use flash,you might look washed out.

3.Avoid looking delibrate
The best dp are those of you looking the most natural and not intentionally dressed up to take it.Relax and smile :D And steer clear of lingerie and drunken shots as you never know who might be poking around in your Facebook,blog or other social networking!

Thats reality especially for the gurlssss ( including me too .. Hahaha :P

And duckface bagai - .. -''

Image from google courtesy ^^,

Letter for My Future Hus ....

Holla readers chomel , Just short entry :P

Pssttt.. Agakagak nowandays senang tak nak cari future husband cenggitu??!
Maybe one in thousands kot :)
Ngeh,ngeh,Hopefully my wish come true.. Ameen..
How about you ??

Sabtu, 22 September 2012

Yay ! Finally H&M in Malaysia !!

22 Sept 2012 Gedung pakaian H&M telah pun dilaunch di Malaysia.Kalo korang tak caya boleh bace kat bawah okey :P 
“We are excited to finally open H&M here in Malaysia and to be expanding within the South East Asian market. H&M has always been about making fashion and quality at the best price and we look forward to bringing something new and exciting to Kuala Lumpur,” said Lex Keijser, Country Manager for H&M Greater China, Singapore and Malaysia.
And truly excited we are! The first H&M store at Lot 10, Bukit Bintang KL will spread across 36,000 square feet and spanning three levels of prime retail space. Imagine the amount of shopping one will be able to do!
H&M is marking its debut in the Malaysian market with the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. As seen from the preview last month, we are sure many will go ga-ga of the selection which plays on minimalism vs maximalism.
And that is not all. Following its expansion plans, H&M will be opening a SECOND store in Malaysia in the following months too! Get ready for this folks, the location is at Setia City Mall, Shah Alam.
Looks like H&M is set to conquer the hearts of shopaholics in the country! And for that, we thank them for coming to our shores and all the best!

Here are the background of H&M :
H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB (operating as H&M) is a Swedish multinational retail-clothing company, known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children.
H&M exists in 43 countries and as of 2011 employed around 94,000 people. It has 2,325 stores at end of 2011 and 2,629 stores at end of August 2012. It is ranked the second largest global clothing retailer, just behind Spain-based Inditex (parent company of ZARA), and leads over third largest global clothing retailer, United States based GAP Inc.
The design team in the company’s Sweden office controls the steps of production from merchandise planning to establishing specifications, and production is outsourced to approximately 800 factories in Europe and Asia. These facilities are used for horizontal division of labor rather than being integrated.-Sources: Uncle Wiki 

Zara pun ada you! And now you guys tak yah la nak travel ke abroad sematamata nak pegi H&M ??! Sebab kek kolumpo dah ado ,Hikhik Psstt.. Sedara mara i ade jugak yang stay kat Australia and Russia.Dorang slalu borong H&M before visit tanahair tercinta malaysia and opkoslah kat sane really murah sket tau!
Kalo korang nak cuci mata dulu haa boleh la godek-godek websites and i totally believe yang korang rambang mata nak pilih which one ? Kan..kan :P

Okaylah,i dah ngantuk neh.. Byebye dearieeee :) Wait for the next entry yaaa !

Gary going to leave RM ?

Ditengah malam yang sunyi ini,haku rajin dan tekun duk menghupdate and menelaah belog yang tak seberapa hot ini and followers berapa ketul lhaa sangat..
Heh, actually i got bad news from twitter acc yang mengatakan Gally going leave RM..Because he wanna concentrate on his Leessang company and concert as well.

Hip hop duo Leessang,who completely killed the digital charts last year, has announced that they’ll be returning with their eighth studio album this month!
Ahead of their album’s release on May 25th, the duo will be pre-releasing one of the tracks on the 18th. Although the members have been busy with individual schedules and variety programs, they’ve been diligently working on their return.
Last year, their “Turned Off the TV”was a hit everywhere on the charts, leaving fans anticipating their upcoming album all that much more.
Considering that member Gil‘s fellow ‘Voice Korea’ coach,Baek Ji Young, will be making her own comeback the day before Leessang’s pre-release, it seems the charts will be a playground only for the strongest this month!-MCtumblr
Here are the prove :')
Sedih lah, lepas sorangsorang duk tinggalkan RM,dulu SongJoongKi,Lizzy and now oppa gary pulak.
Hopefully it's just a RUMORS and Gary will change his minds too..

The anothers unexpected news
-KJK Global
And ramai jugak yang leave comment dorang feel frust sngat kalo garry tinggalkn RM.And takmustahil rm viewers maybe decrease kan ?

Running man one of my favvy shows and i fanatic gilo tak kak senah :P
The shows are really sempoi and very creative dengan mission bagai ^^
Great job SBS..

Romantic Monday Couple 
I really miss this sweet momento between Gally  Jihyo 
Alangkah bahagia,kalo dorang nih couple and nikah betolbetol,muwehehe

Tangan ke bahu,mata ke atas.
Ko hado kak jemah? Tak do kan?
The 'sempoi'ness of gally :P
Hopefully,everyday's my peaceful day ;D

Duplicate of hyung Gally B)

Siblings of RM :D This pic taken while SBS Entertainment Awards
Source:Encik Google yang kacak :P
Tanjat boboi hah :O ?!

Pls gally don't leave RM :"(
I beg...(Macamlahgarybacablogkau)Kuikui

Peaceful of Gallygally (-..-)

Peaceful Gary
There’s something about Gary’s  morbid personality that really cracks me up. he i just love how he genuinely doesn’t
 give a shit about 99% of the things that are happening during the show. And obviously, the photo zone shots.

Alololo,tiannye ngantok..
Mak rase nak tampo anje-anje je gally ni hah..

Psssttt...For me,no one can replace   KANG GARY  !!
paham mak jemah sekalian !
He's ONLY the ONE yang ada peaceful reaction in ALL situation ;)
and hope sangatsangat yang Gally will cancel his intention .

Jumaat, 14 September 2012

Simple Homemade Moist Choco Cake

Hmm, harini rajin sket lah nak update blog actually haku nak share ngan readers semua  MoistChocoCake Recipe and haku pasti korang jugak mesti penggemar cokelat kan? :P

Okay puan puan,sebelom i nak share recipe korang pi amik kertas and pen dulu kot2 nak buat short notes? Eheheee.Perasan aje lebih.

Untuk lebih senang i akan kelaskan bahanbahan mane yang uolls kene buat dulu ye .

Bahagian A 
 1/2 cawan gula halus
 1 cawan serbuk koko
 1 cawan air panas 

 * Okay , bhagian A neh, korang campur semua dalam periuk,kacau diatas api kecil sehingga likat tau.Jangan sampai terhangit pulak ye.

Bahagian B
125gm marjerin
1 cawan gula halus
3 Biji Telur Gred A
1 sudu kecil esen vanilla
1 cawan tepung Blue Key(Kotak yang Kaler pink tau)


1. Pukul marjerin,gula sehingga kembang dan gebu pada kelajuan sederhana.
2.Apabila,adunan tadi telah kembang.Masukkan telur sebiji demi sebiji ye.
3.Masukkan 1 sudu kecil esen vanilla.Pukul adunan tadi hingga sebati.
4.Masukkan bahagian A iaitu coklat yang korang masak tadi ke dalam adunan.Kacau hingga sebati.
5.Kemudian,masukkan pula 1 cawan tepung blue key tadi (Masukkan tepung secara sikit-sikit untuk elakkan tepung jadi berketul bila dikacau).
Kacau adunan tadi sehingga sebati.
6.Tuangkan adunan ke dalam loyang yang telah disapukan sedikit butter/marjerin.
7.Sedia untuk dibakar selama 45-50 minit pada suhu 180 celcius.

Tips :
Keluarkan kek dari acuan apabila kek sudah sejuk sepenuhnya untuk menghasilkan permukaan kek yang licin.

* Panaskan oven dahulu pada suhu yang ditetapkan sebelum memasukkan kek kedalam ketuhar.Untuk mengelakkan kek bantat/tak jadi.

Topping cake:
1 cawan serbuk koko
1 tin susu pekat(Boleh kurangkan klo tak suka manis)
3/4 marjerin @ minyak jagung(Untuk memberikan tekstur topping berkilat)

*Cara memasak buat double boiler tau.Masukkan semua bahan diatas kacau sehingga pekat dan sebati tau.Dan sejukkan .

Tadaaaaa hasilnya :)

Okay,korang boleh decorate ontop ngn strawberry
or whatever fav fruit korang..
Tapi janganlah decorate ngn buah dorian ?! Habes rosak cake. Kehkeh

Decorate ngan choco bar/rice and wafer stick pun boleh jugak .

Everything it's up to you lah,sebab korang jugakkan nak melantak nanti :P

Okaylah dah letih menaip neh! See you guys next time :) Jangan lupa cuba recipe neh ye :P Lots of love DZ 

Spaghetti in the Houz

Ok semalam mood rajin datang , tetibe aje nak masak spaghetti for dinner, lagipun my abah request nak makan. Heuheu :)
So here the super duper simple recipe , budak skolah rendah pun buleh buat daaa...
  • You needs :

    • -  1(300gm) packet of spaghetti
    • -  4 tbsp olive oil
    • -  4 garlic cloves, crushed
    • -  450g minced chicken (Saudi brand)
    • -  1 packet of chicken sausage 
    • -  1 large holland onion, finely chopped
    • -  1/2 bottle of kimball spaggeti sauces
    • -   3 tablespoon of Chili sauce

    My favourite sauce so far ..

    Tak lupa jugak olive oil yang still virgin lagi neh
    Kalo tak ado,boleh ganti ngn corn oil ye
    Ehsan pakcik google,coz haku lupa nak snap

  • Preparation method :

    Heat a wok  with the olive oil. Add the holland onion, and garlic.Stir over a medium heat for 2 minute atau sampai terbit bau.

        2. Then, Crumble the minced chicken into the pan and stir-fry over a high heat for 5 minutes to break up the meat and brown it.


    Kalau korang rajin, boleh cucuk spaghetti ngn sausage tapi kalo korang nak guna meatballs pun takde masalah ye. 
    Kene cucuk slow2 sebab spaghetti tu mudah patah tau. 

    Masa tengah direbus tu jgn lupa letak sedikit olive oil tau 
    nak avoid dr melekat ye puanpuan :P

    And the result ...Cantikkan ? Hehe.
    #Bajetlah sangat.Kehkeh