Jumaat, 5 Oktober 2012

Contest-Libresse Barometer !

Holla , Assalamualaikum gegurls readers !
Jom join kontes libresse  ,
Boys not allowed sebab korang tak datang period!
Okey :P

Are you game for amazing experiences? Join Libresse for an amazing journey!

 Have fun, take on life’s challenges & wonderful experiences, with the freedom 

& confidence to be who you are. After all, you’ll never know if you like it until 

you try it ^.^

 Actually korang kene answer 3 question dlm kotak putih tuh and record ur voice tuh  dengan kreatip la kan,baru buleh menang! 
But don't worry the questions quite easy lah !

This week question !
Hurry up !
Sends ur submission :P
 More info ? Boleh ketik link dibawah :

Sambilsambil tu kalo korang nak FREE SAMPLE punboleh !
Baguskan libresse , siap boleh mintak sample pad bagai  


Psstt, nak gtau i'm a libresse user! Ilovelibresse ^.^
Tu je ! Thank you for reading 
Love you .

Okay , Bye .. Hee 

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